Some people have brilliant ideas but can struggle to get these on to paper in the way they want to — this is where I come in.

Whatever your message is, I will be able to get it across. I write in a full range of styles, from creative and opinion pieces to formal technical and journalistic texts. If research is needed, I can do this as well.

Writing is a collaborative process so I will discuss your ideas with you to get a feel for your audience and purpose before I start writing. Communication during the writing process is also a priority.

Charges will include discussion and research time, along with writing time, and will be on an hourly basis. On completion, one editing revision will be included at no further cost.

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For samples of my work, please click the links below.

Pauline, we need to talk — an opinion piece written on my blog in response to Senator Hanson’s comments about children with Autism in mainstream classrooms. The piece was later published in The ACT Educator (Term 3 2017).

Ambush — a short story for children. The story won 2nd place in a Creative Kids Tales competition and was subsequently published on Smashwords.

You may be interested in samples of writing I completed as assessment pieces for my Cert IV in Professional Writing and Editing.