Principals, Teachers and Admin Staff have enough on their plates as it is — sometimes things just slip through, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Schools send out a lot of written documents in a year: newsletters, website content, notes home, policy documents and student reports. While errors can occur, written pieces that are less than perfect do reflect on the school and its staff.

It is also important to acknowledge that writing is not everyone’s ‘thing’.

I offer a range of services to schools:

• editing/proofreading of student reports

• copyediting/proofreading of newsletters and other parent communications

• writing and/or all levels of editing of formal documents (including policy)

• one-on-one mentoring of teaching staff for report writing processes

• other writing/editing requests by negotiation

Further details can be found in my CV — CV Kellie Nissen

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In addition to administrative writing and editing tasks, I am also available to run writing workshops for staff or students. The content of these workshops is by negotiation.

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