You can not edit your own writing because you see what you think you have written.

A different set of eyes will pick up errors and inconsistencies or will be able to interpret that tricky paragraph and rewrite it so it sings. I am passionate about presenting professional, quality writing and helping others to do the same.

I offer two levels of editing:


This is all about making your writing flow. It may need tightening, it may need detail, or it may need a complete overhaul. Above all,  you want your writing to be clear and to avoid redundant words and repetition. A good copyedit will also pick up the ‘secretarial’ issues of grammar, spelling and punctuation.

My copyediting will include one revision once you’ve had a chance to look over and accept or reject my changes.


If you ask me to proofread your writing, I will predominantly be on the hunt for formatting issues and ‘typos’. This includes consistency of spelling, grammar, punctuation and basic formatting.

When proofreading, my aim is to maintain your writing style and structure while ensuring your work is free from errors.

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